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Your vacation begins NOW!

Relax...knowing that you have chosen us to find you that perfect getaway.

Camille & DJ at Ahoy and SailAway will take care of all your vacations needs…
We are professionals in the leisure travel field. We specialize in cruises, tours, Las Vegas and all-inclusives.
We still believe in personal service.

Maybe it's just the two of you or a large group? We work for you!
Yes, you are our client, we just represent the cruise lines and tour operators.
Whether this is your first cruise / tour or maybe your first one this year…we are here for you.
Let us be the ones who answer all your questions and take care of all your needs before you go and when you return home.

Being specialists in the field of leisure travel, we are able to share with you all the "tips" to help you save money.
Getting the best value for your vacation dollar is what we pride ourselves in, when you book with Camille & DJ at Ahoy and SailAway.

Simply call us at 979-865-2842 and talk with us.
We just need to know where, when and a budget that you would like to stay under for your vacation.
We could save you money just by the state you live in, being a senior citizen, military or past guest of a particular vendor.
Remember you are our client. We will inform you all the "ins and outs" of what you will be getting for your hard earned dollar.

There have been many changes in leisure travel through out the years, especially after the 911 tragedy.
We will be able to keep you informed of all up-to-date TSA and vendor requirements as well as their affect on you;
From screening, to carry owns, to checked baggage rules.
Many other "things to know" like cabin size, bedding configuration, dining selections, documentation, travel insurance,
motion sickness, and cancellation policies...just to name a few.
Most important, though, are your needs and questions.
We work for YOU...so ask us as many questions as you like!
If we don't know the answer, we will tell you just that. And then we'll seek and find the answer to your specific question or need,
crossing the "t's" and dotting the "i's" to insure that your vacation will be the best ever.

This is your vacation...as a couple, the whole family or a large group, that you're in charge of putting together.
Our expertise in group sales will get you ALL the credit with your group.
We can furnish you with flyers, brochures and other promotional material.
As a "Group Leader" you could cruise for FREE!

Choosing Camille and DJ, to be there for personal service, will be the best, first decision you make as you start planning your vacation.
Call us at 979-865-2842 or email info@ahoyandsailaway.com and get your vacation started!

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